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What is Barbell Bands?

We are an independent family-owned company based in the Pacific Northwest.  Our roots began in a garage gym one fall morning in 2017.  After having owned several different silicone wedding rings for the past few years, we felt there was an opportunity to create the perfect ring for the fitness and recreational lifestyle.  Our goal was to create the best quality for a reasonable price with a design that resonated. 


Why silicone?

Barbell Bands silicone rings are comfortable, flexible, and durable.  Made from 100% medical grade silicone, our rings are non-conductive and hypo-allergenic.  For those who do heavy work with their hands, silicone offers a safe option to wear a ring at work without risk of finger injury that a metal ring can cause.  Our rings are ideal for travel and outdoors without the worry of losing the precious metal.

What makes us different?

There are many plain silicone rings available but often they seemed flimsy or too elastic to hold up over time.  The unique design for the Barbell Band ring is inspired by the grip pattern on a barbell (“knurling”)-the true symbol of strength and hard work.  To maximize durability, a custom mold was created with an extra 20% wall thickness compared to industry average (just over 2mm).  The slightly domed exterior helps reduce catching when gripping as well as optimizing comfort between fingers when worn.  We have teamed up with Amazon to fulfill orders to allow for quick delivery to anywhere in the United States

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